Monday, June 2, 2014

Hello Old Friend!

It has been a VERY long time since I have blogged (I even moved to a new site over a year ago... and now that doesn't even work....tells you something!)... many many things have happened in our lives. And while I don't want to bore you with every last detail... it has been an amazing adventure so far.  Mr. R is now Dr. R. And we are now a family of 3! So much has changed, and we are so very blessed! Our little nugget is 6 months old! And as you can imagine, I haven't really had the chance to cook my extravagant meals that I am accustom to... and obviously, I haven't had the chance to write a single thing down.   Well... I am now on summer break, I have halfway figured out how to juggle that thing called motherhood... and I have a LONG list of things that I want to do... blogging is on there... it may not be at the top of my list of things that really need to get done... but this seems to be more interesting to me than reorganizing the baby's room, going through my clothes, cleaning the house, or trying to find spots for all the books that I brought home from school! That being said...Our travels have since quieted down... as you can imagine... and I am thinking that this blog would now be a great way to show our little boy the things that we did together as he grows up.  I am not going to challenge myself to post everyday, nor am I even going to commit to posting once a week, but I am going to make a conscious effort to try my best and document the most amazing adventure I have been on... being a mom, a wife, and trying to juggle everything else in sight.

Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary... and while we have many things to celebrate, I thought that it would also be a great day to have a fresh start in the blogosphere.  I am currently researching foods that we ate on our honeymoon and hopefully I can repost a few recipes this week! I have enjoyed every second about being a mom so far... but I do need to make time to do the thing that I also love... which is cooking.  And I know I am certain that Mr. R is sick of rotisserie chickens, with frozen vegetables, and rice.  But hey... sometimes that is the best meal I can get on the table!

At our cooking class in Ravello, Italy

Until Next Time...
Mrs. R

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