Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Golfer's Dream

I haven't had time to update the blog.  I guess that's a good thing since we have been extra busy! We went on our last (sad) trip to Scotland.  It was wonderful! And, my good friend, Erika, came with us and then is visiting us in London! As excited as I am that she is here, that also means that our time here is about finished, and soon, we have to go back home... back to reality.

We flew into Edinburgh from London.  It was a short flight and we were happy about that because the plane was a little tight.  When we got there, a driver picked us up and drove us to St. Andrews, which was about an hour away.  We checked into our cute little bed and breakfast, and headed to a restaurant to eat a late dinner.  T was super excited to play golf the next day at the Old Course in St. Andrews, and had to get a good nights sleep.

 Here is our cute little B&B called 'The Spindle'... our host was wonderful!
 The Doll's House restaurant... delicious!
 After dinner, at a local pub... at this point, Erika was probably awake for 48 hours!

I do not know really anything about golf.  So, I will try to take you through these pictures the best that I can.  T can write a post last about his experience, and I have tons of other pictures on my phone that are not uploaded yet, of the St. Andrew's town and area.  

 Driving range
 view of the old course hotel
 He woke up at 6 and had to try to get a Tee-time for the day
 where people go to practice putting
 The place he had to go to get a caddy for the day
 The starter place where he had to stand in line to try to get a tee-time
 He finally got a tee-time at 11:20
 Pretty golf course
 On the old course
 Maybe in a little trouble?

 Erika and I met him at the 17th hole and were able to walk with him on the 18th hole.  We were able to take a picture in front of the famous old bridge.

 T and his caddy, Andy

All of us on the old famous bridge on the 'Old Course.' T said that it was AWESOME, and he would definitely like to go back someday and play some of the other courses. The scenery was beautiful, the people were super friendly, the town was cute and old, and we got to roam around the streets where Kate and Will went to University.  It was a great trip! After T was finished with golf, we drove back to Edinburgh, and were ready to explore another new area!

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