Monday, July 9, 2012

Healthy Living

I LOVE going to Pilates on Mondays.  The instructor is great and really works us hard! It reminds me of some of the Pilates classes that I do back at home! I have been feeling really unhealthy lately and today is just what I needed.  The studio that I am going to has a little Vegetarian deli-like cafe in it.  They always have delicious looking items.  They use all natural fresh vegetables and raw products.  Today, since the class got out around 1:30, I decided to eat lunch there.  I have eaten a few things from there in the past and it has been good every time.  I am basically writing this post to remind myself to try to make these delicious recipes at home! (If I can figure it out) And, to start having more healthy days like this! It's not that I am eating TERRIBLE... its just that when I am back home, I eat a lot better everyday than I am here.  We have tried all types of British food, Indian food, Indonesian food, all types of food.  I mean that's what is part of the fun of traveling and exploring... right?

Quinoa and smoked tofu salad with a side of carrot and zucchini ribbon salad with a red pepper sauce...yum! (or, it was to me!)

On a side note: We had a WONDERFUL weekend with our friends! They left this morning :(  It was so nice to see familiar faces and show them the city! We had A LOT of rainy weather this weekend, so they got the true London experience! I think that they saw everything in the 36 hours that they were here! Mission accomplished! I have TONS of pictures to share! I will upload them when I get a chance! Now, I am back to LOTS of laundry and picking up a little bit... and some much needed relaxation after such a fun weekend! T just got off early, so I think that he is on his way back to hang and relax too! Sometimes, rainy days are just what you need... but not every day! :)

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