Monday, July 16, 2012

Beautiful Switzerland and very Expensive Cheese

After a wonderful nights sleep in our very comfortable king bed, we woke up and got ready for the day.  It was supposed to rain... however, we got very lucky and had wonderful weather! T was so nice to go and get us a few pastries for breakfast to eat while we brewed coffee and tea in our room.  (Since it was clearly way to expensive to get a Starbucks)  We were finally able to wear shorts, and we were very excited! (Oh.. the little things in life!) As we started our journey outside, not sure of where we were going to go first, we decided to take a stroll through town.  We stumbled upon a market, and had a great idea.  Let's get some cheese, salami, fresh bread, tomatoes, and some fruit, have a picnic by the beautiful lake, and save a little money.  Well, we did in fact have a nice little picnic, we may have saved a little money, however, we did end up paying 40 franks for just the cheese.  We got two types of cheese, that's it, and yes it was 40 franks.  We probably could have just eaten a McDonald's meal, but now, we were already planning on having a picnic, so we had to continue purchasing the rest of our meal.  We probably spent 50 franks total, and luckily we were able to eat it for lunch on Sunday as well.

 In front of the market
 Some of the bread that we got
 The sunflowers were beautiful!
This is where we bought our very expensive cheese!

After we bought our lunch, packed our sandwiches, and filled our water bottles up from the fresh water sources, we decided to stroll around the lake, take in the beautiful scenery, take LOTS of pictures, and enjoyed Lake Lucerne.  Here are some pictures from our day in Lucerne.  The pictures do not do Switzerland justice.  It is a truly beautiful place!

 In front of the beautiful lake

 The famous old bridge

 There were tons of sailboats
 The parks were beautiful as well

 The town of Lucerne in the distance
 Our view during our picnic
 Eating his tomato, cheese, and salami sandwich
 Relaxing in the sun... we haven't seen the sun in a while! ha
 Fresh water everywhere

 Swiss Chocolate!
 We got dark chocolate with berries, white chocolate with berries, milk chocolate, and milk chocolate with an almond toffee topping... all very delicious
 In front of the famous Lion statue
 Our dinner at an Italian restaurant... lasagna
 Spinach and ricotta gnocchi in a brown butter sauce with pine nuts...yum!
 At dinner....Bellini

After a fun night at the local discoteque!

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