Monday, July 2, 2012

The Stones

We packed our bags, headed on the tube to the Enterprise Car building, got our cute little 'Eurocar' and went on our way to tour the English Countryside.  Since T had experience driving on the 'wrong' side of the road when he lived in the Caymans, he was the brave driver for the weekend. 

Our first mission was getting out of London.  It was quite a mission.  We rented a GPS with the car, knowing that it would be hard to maneuver, through the crazy streets with a map.  First problem... it took FOREVER for the GPS to actually work.  We pulled off into a little area and waited a few minutes for the GPS to finally kick on.  It took a while to figure out how to type in the address, they do addresses differently over here.  But, we finally got the hang of it, and we were on our way to Stonehenge. 

Halfway through the journey, I of course, had to use the bathroom.  Now, one thing I have noticed, is that they don't have bathrooms easily available for people.  I mean, I would definitely be willing to pay, but honestly, we just could not find a bathroom.  We went to the gas station... no bathroom.  We stopped off on an exit that said a restaurant was just a few miles away.... bad idea... we headed right for the airport, so we turned around... no bathroom.  We found another little town on the way with a grocery store, another gas station, and a coffee shop..... can you guess? yes, of course, no one had a bathroom! Well, the coffee shop had one, but it was out of order.  As you can maybe imagine, I was in a slight panic and was regretting the tea I had for breakfast.  After going into a bunch of stores, we went back to the coffee shop, and magically by the grace of God, the bathroom was back in order! We could now be on our way...

Stonehenge is one of the world's amazing wonders. It is a world heritage site, so of course, living in London, we had to make the extra effort to see it.  We decided to stop there before we ventured out to the Cotswolds in the countryside.

When we approached the Stonehenge area, in the middle of nowhere, we immediately saw the famous stones.  We had heard that you could not get that close to them any longer, and that rumor was true.  So, instead of paying 8 pounds a piece, we decided to go right up to the fence, and have a look at the famous stone arrangement. 

 See that person in the background, that was as close as you could get, so why pay? The whole site was roped off all the way around it.

Our cute little car!

Well, we saw Stonehenge and we can now check that one off of our 'bucket list.' Now, onto the Cotswolds!

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