Monday, July 16, 2012

Last day in Switzerland!

On Sunday, our flight was not until 5:10 from Zurich, so that meant that we did not need to leave until 2:00 from Lucerne.  (The train ride to the airport is about 1 hour).  T decided to go get some more pastries for breakfast to accompany our 'free' coffee and tea in our room.  Then, we packed, got ready, and spent a few last hours in Lucerne.  

 The pretty town
 This is where people to to lay out on the lake.  Inside, there were large areas that looked like pools, but it was a part of the lake.
 All of the sailboats in the distance
 In front of the town

 The pretty old bridge
 The other side of the bridge
 A few of the buildings in the town
Yes... the very expensive burger king menu! There is definitely not a dollar menu in Switzerland!

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