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I have been meaning to write a post about the other town that we visited, Broadway, in the Cotswolds, however, I have actually been busy around here.  You know... a little pilates, a little Afternoon Tea here and there, a few walks around the city, and oh yea... I was able to get tickets to go see Buckingham Palace tomorrow! I am very excited! It is only open 10 weeks out of the year while the Queen is at other Palaces, and this week, she is at Windsor! Therefore, I get to go inside Buckingham Palace! Yay! Like I have said previously, all things that have to do with the Royal family fascinate me.  All of the things that I have seen on T.V. during Will and Kate's wedding, the rooms that they took pictures in, the balcony that they kissed on, I get to see those up close! Can you feel my excitement?!

Well, anyways, I will be following this post with another one about my visit to the Palace tomorrow, but now here are some pictures of our last journey to another town in the Cotswolds called Broadway.

Here is a little view of the Countryside on our drive there.

We left Cheltenham after a wonderful English breakfast at our hotel, and a good night's rest from the night before.  We were recharged and ready to explore.  We typed in an address for Broadway and it said that it was only going to take us 30 minutes.  Well, after 30 minutes, we arrived somewhere.... but it definitely was not Broadway.  Our lovely GPS had steered us wrong again.  I was really missing my iphone!! Anyways, we typed in another address and it said that it was going to take us another 30 minutes to get there.  We were in the hands on our GPS, so we decided to follow it.  Luckily, we were finally going in the right direction and on our way to Broadway.  There went 30 minutes out the window! 

When we were only .5 miles away from Broadway, we came to a dead stop.  Hmm... Well, to our surprise, the Olympic torch was being run through the streets of Broadway, and there was a huge festival going on.  We managed to go down a little road and park where the police said to.  They said that the town was only a 10 minute walk, so we decided to park and walk to the town.  Luckily, it wasn't raining!

When we FINALLY got to the town, there was a huge farmer's market going on, live music from local performers, lots of food, tons of ice cream, and many many shops to go through.  We were very glad that we made it to the town.  The British people were showing their pride, and they were so happy to be hosting the Olympics.  It made me remember when I was in fifth grade and the Olympics came to Atlanta.  Even though I was only 10, it was fun watching the Olympics, learning about the Olympics, and showing American pride.  All of the little kids were running around with big smiles on their faces, fake torches in their hands, and of course, Olympic shirts on their backs. I mean who doesn't love the Olympic games!

 T looking at the farmers market.... I think he may like them just as much as I do!

In front of the little festival going on 
 Cute little cottage

In front of a horse farm 

 I loved all of the little shops... Especially the Christmas shops... It sure feels like Christmas here!
 A picture together!

 In front of the neat old roofs
 Olympic rings that a primary school made. It had all the flags of the world on it.
The restaurant we ate at and listened to the music 
 Sunday is definitely a BIG drinking day in England... we decided to participate!
 On Sundays, everyone also eats a roast from the pub at lunchtime... so we decided to participate again! I had the roast beef, veggies, and potatoes.
 T had the roast lamb, veggies, and potatoes.

Walking back to the car....

We were having so much fun in Broadway, that we obviously decided to stay and have drinks and lunch.  We knew that Windsor Castle was going to close at 4, so we thought that we would just drive by and see it.  When we began our journey back, we made a pit stop through Oxford.  We didn't get out, but it seemed like a really neat college.  It was a typical college town with amazing buildings in the background!
 Some of the views of Oxford
Cute little restaurants and shops 
More Oxford buildings 
Looking through the gate to the main campus 

After our very short pit stop in Oxford, we headed back to the main road towards Windsor.   I guess we can't escape the traffic no matter where we are in the world; we were in dead stop traffic.  We quickly decided not to go through Windsor and just head back to London.  We were really glad that we did because going through Windsor would have taken another couple of hours...and we were exhausted! 

I guess we will have to do Windsor another day! Thanks London traffic!!
The GPS that failed us a few times, and the traffic that angered us! :) 

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