Monday, July 9, 2012

Windsor Castle

We are so excited that we are having friends come visit us! But first, we decided to wake up early Saturday morning and go to Windsor Castle.  After going to Buckingham Palace, I knew I wanted to also see Windsor Castle.  There is so much history that happened in this castle, and it was awesome to see all of the State Rooms, Queen Mary's Doll House, and the 60 pictures of the Queen for her Jubile year.  The rooms are again massive, just like Buckingham Palace.  Everything is so intricate and detailed.  There was armor, swords, guns, and other weapons lining many of the walls in neat patterns.  Everything in the castle was definitely thought out in great depth.  We could not take pictures inside, but here are some of the pictures that we took outside of the castle and throughout our trip to Windsor!
In front of Windsor Tower and Castle

 T listening to the Audio Guide in front of St. George's Gate
 This used to be the moat, but now it is a pretty garden
 This was where the soliders put their bow and arrows to shoot the enemies 
 The tower on top of the hill
 Looking out into the distance, the Castle was built on a hill so that enemies could not reach it
 In front of the entrance to the State Apartments
 Looking down below.... way down there!
 Out in the distance, very pretty around the castle
 The last picture we could take before entering
 The courtyard

T and I in front of the Courtyard at Windsor Castle

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