Monday, July 16, 2012

No cheese Fondue for you

What did we want to do on our first night in Switzerland? Well, since our vacations tend to revolve around food, we wanted to have a typical Swiss meal, and yes, that included Cheese Fondue.  I mean who doesn't like a little cheese fondue? Our hotel concierge recommended a great little restaurant overlooking Lake Lucerne that also served typical Swiss cheese fondue.  When we got there and looked at the menu, it looked great, but we didn't see the cheese fondue on the menu.  We sat down on the balcony, covered from the rain, had a look at the menu... and our eyes probably jumped out of our eye sockets.  The prices... oh my... so very expensive! I have never seen appetizers for 30$ or entrees for 60$.  The cheese fondue was 35$ per person and two people had to at least share it! They should have just written that the cheese fondue was 70$.  We immediately decided against the cheese fondue.  We could not justify spending 70$ on cheese and bread.  I decided that I would try to make it when we got back to the US.  We decided on steak tartar, Veal with a mushroom cream sauce and potato pancakes (a Swiss favorite), tomato soup, and a molten lava cake for dessert with yummy Swiss chocolate. Needless to say... it was VERY expensive for the food that we ate.  We thought that we had been sent to a tourist trap, but later when we looked around at other places, we realized that this was a regular occurrence, everything was expensive! A tall Starbucks coffee... just coffee, no late or cappuccino... was 8$.  A McDonalds hamburger meal was 20$.  No exaggeration!

After cherishing every bite of our expensive Swiss meal, we decided to take a stroll around the cute little old town.

 In front of the restaurant
 View from the balcony

 Pretty hotel on the hill
 Views of the river at night
 Looking into the water

 In front of one of the cute old bridges
 In one of the bridges
In front of the famous old bridge in the center of town

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