Friday, September 14, 2012

Christmas Countdown

I have been busy.  Yes, I know that it is September.  And, it is still super hot here in Florida.  However, I have Christmas on the mind.  Last year, I bought a bunch of burlap fabric, having the plan to make stocking to hang during Christmas time.  Well, the husband is gone, and it gets a little boring around here when I am by myself. So, I decided to enlist myself in a little project.  Making homemade Christmas stockings.  The thing is, when I start something I HAVE to finish it.  So, instead of going to bed early while he is gone, relaxing, drinking my usual tea, I was up until almost midnight, finishing my stocking.  You would have thought that Christmas was tomorrow.  Anyways, I did not take pictures of the process, but I am super proud of my stockings and thought that I would share!

Inside of the stocking.

Both of our stockings... a little dark... sorry!

T's stocking! We are ready for Christmas! 102 days until Santa fills our newly crafted stockings!

Until next time...

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