Monday, October 29, 2012

Buffalo Chicken Dip

We had a great weekend of preparing food, tailgating, and time with family and friends.  I was still (and still am) a little under the weather, but that didn't stop my mom and I from braving the kitchen for the day, preparing all of the food for the fun festivities.  There will be many posts to come with different tailgating suggestions, so keep your eye out! This dip is a family favorite.  My brother requests it every time he comes home to visit, my dad puts a large heaping mound on his plate and will eat it for days (if there are any leftovers), and my husband will eat it until he is full, right before the real food comes out.  There are SO many recipes for this dip out there; but this one is a success in our household.  We have tried so many different recipes over the years, and this one is the winner.

3 chicken breasts, shredded
1 cup Frank's Red Hot Wings, Buffalo Sauce
2 oz. Cream Cheese
1/2 cup Blue Cheese Dressing (We used Marzetti Simply Dressed)
1/4 cup blue cheese crumbles
Dipping items such as: tortilla chips, carrots, celery, etc.


1.  Roast three chicken breasts, bone-in, on 400 degrees F for about 45 minutes.  (We roasted a few more for a different recipe.)

2.  After the chicken is cooled, first remove the skin, and then, peel the chicken off of the bone.  The reason that we use bone-in chicken is because it keeps the chicken moist and juicy and prevents it from drying out.

3. Begin shredding the chicken with your hands.

4. Shred the chicken into a glass, shallow pan.

This is the type of hot sauce that we use.  Make sure that it is the buffalo flavor.

5.  Add the hot sauce and mix well.

6.  Add the cream cheese and mix well.

This the the blue cheese dressing that we used.  We found that it tastes the best to us, but feel free to use whichever kind you prefer.

7. Add the blue cheese dressing and mix well.

This is what is will look like when it is all mixed together.

8.  Add the extra blue cheese crumbles to the top of the dip.  They will melt into the dip when put into the oven.

9.  Put the dip in a 350 degree F oven for 20 minutes or until browned and bubbly.  Enjoy! 

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