Wednesday, June 20, 2012

38 pounds!

We knew that this summer was going to be quite expensive.  However, when we got here and searched the grocery stores, we came to the conclusion that if we were getting paid in pounds, the prices are actually better than in Florida.  A grande starbucks in cheaper, milk is cheaper, most things at the store are cheaper! We see these great prices, and then we remember.... we don't get paid in pounds, we have American dollars.... Ugh... the exchange rate! Right now, 1 British pound is worth 1.57 US dollars.... Bummer! Oh well, we were ready for this!

We want to be able to travel to places on the weekends, so even though we are still kind of in vacation mode, we are trying to conserve our money for the weekends.  What does this mean? Eating in and planning out our meals for the week and trying to maintain a budget.  It is a good thing that I LOVE doing this, and LOVE to cook! Even at home, it is a fun challenge! I challenge myself to spend a certain amount of money on a full weeks worth of meals.  T gave me the challenge to stay within 45 pounds this week.  It was a random number, not knowing how much it would really cost!

Here is what I bought for 38 pounds! That is 4 dinners for 38 pounds, or 9.5 pounds a night! Score!

Broad peas, yellow squash, 2 zucchini-like veggies, a shallot, 2 carrots, 2 lemons, 4 potatoes, butter, dijon mustard, eggs, fresh chives, 2 peaches, 2 pieces of salmon, 5 chicken breasts, a whole chicken, a bag of rice, sea salt, and agave nectar.  These are the meals that I have in mind:

Night 1: Dijon Mustard and chive sauce over Salmon, rice, and 1 zucchini looking veggie, and half of the yellow squash

Night 1's meal

Night 2: Dijon Mustard and chive sauce over chicken, rice, and the same veggies as night 1

Night 3: 1/2 the broad beans, carrots, potatoes with chives, and a roasted chicken with peach sauce

Night 4: Dijon Mustard and chive sauce over chicken, chive potatoes, broad beans and carrots

I still have eggs left over, rice for another week, agave nectar, Dijon mustard (that we will probably be sick of this week), butter, and more chives.  I am definitely going to try to cook some traditional English meals, but I will try my best to stay on a budget!

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