Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome to Hotel Marincanto!

It was so smart to get a driver to take us from the Naples train station, stop in Pompei, and drive directly to our hotel overlooking Positano.  We were so exhausted from touring Rome and Pompei, it was nice to sit back, relax in the car, learn a little history from our driver, and enjoy the amazing view that was outside of our window! We were so impressed with our hotel from the moment that we got there! The lady at the front desk was incredibly nice and spoke great English.  T had told them that it was our honeymoon, and we most definitely were upgraded to a nice room with a huge terrace and ABSOLUTELY AMAZING view of Positano and the Mediterranean Sea.  (We are definitely telling everyone that it is our honeymoon this summer!)

Here are a few pictures from our first day at Hotel Marincanto!

 Our hotel key to our amazing room!

 A view from one of our windows

 Our terrace for the week

 Another view of our terrace

 A view from our terrace

 Looking down below from our balcony... that white building is called 'Music on the Rocks' and is the only disco in Positano!

 A small view of the town in the background

 T loves to take pictures of the room before we mess it up... here is the comfortably, hard, European bed

 A view of the way to get to the balcony and another window with another great view

 Self- explainatory..... the bathroom

 Looking up at our hotel from the pool.

 After looking at our new room, we instatnly changed, and headed to the outside terrace to have some wine and beer! Gianni was the person who served us daily, and he was great! He made our stay extra special when sitting by the pool!

 A view of the other side of our hotel from the outside terrace.

 A view of Positano, from sitting on a lounge chair....Bellisimo!

 Looking out to the Sea!

 Me... reading the third book of the Hunger Games!... It felt so good to just relax!

 T listening to his music....relaxing.... see the pattern here!
 The beautiful flowers that encompassed most of the walls at our hotel! They were so pretty!

Cozy bathrobes and slippers made our stay extra special! 

Up next... Our first date night in Positano!

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