Thursday, June 21, 2012

Borough Market

I had a great day today! Well.. I woke up at 8:30... thinking that Pilates was at 9:30.  I slowly woke up, looked at the schedule, and to my surprise, it was actually at 9:00.  Woops... missed that one! I decided that I would go to the yoga class at 1:15.  That actually worked out better because today I was planning on going to Borough Market again, yet this time, I was hoping that it wasn't too busy!

It was a little rainy outside, so I put on my rain boots, grabbed my jacket and market bag, and went on my way...25 minutes to Borough Market!

It was not crowded at all!! I was very excited! I was able to explore around and really see which stands were there.  I tasted some cheeses, breads, jams, chutneys, and olive oils.  I decided to stop at the fruit and vegetable stand 'Turnips' and get a few more veggies for this evenings dinner and some fruit for dessert! I also got a pie.... pies are extremely famous in Britain.  They stuff them with beef, chicken, salmon, pork, etc.  Since I am on the mission to eat all things British while I am here, I could not resist buying one! I choose one of their popular ones with their famous 'British Beef.'  It had British Beef, beans, chipotle peppers, carrots, and tomatoes.  It was actually very good! We may have to try to make our own British pie one of these days!

 Fresh Fish!
 I got there right when it opened at 11, so these are some of the stands that were just setting up.
The place where I got my pie!
All the different kinds
Inside of the one I bought
 This stand has been on a lot of T.V. shows: Barefoot Contessa and Samantha Brown went here on their shows.  This is where you get the famous Swiss Cheese Grilled Sandwich... maybe one day!
 Turnips: The place where I bought my fruits and veggies today
 Wild Mushrooms
The few things that I bought for Sunday dinner when we get back from Amsterdam!

Even better news today... T just called and he's on his way home! The hospital is on strike so he gets to leave! Now we get to spend the day together sightseeing I'm sure! Guess  I won't be going to Yoga today.... Completely fine though!!

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