Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I found a Pilates studio today! I am very excited because I have been doing Pilates for about a year and a half and I LOVE it! Before coming to London, I searched all different types of Pilates studios.  Well, today, I walked to one of them that was close by and discovered that it was a great spot! They have a lot of classes each day and it will definitely keep me somewhat busy during the week.  There is a mixture of different yoga classes and pilates classes that are offered.

Today, I took my first class! It was one of the pilates classes.  It felt great to exercise again! I will definitely need to work off all of the pasta I ate when we were in Italy!

After class, I discovered their juice bar.  I had an apple, carrot, fennel, ginger  juice... YUM! Very refreshing!

So, when I am not out exploring new things, I will be here.. at the pilates studio, working off my pasta!


  1. HAHAHA...I went to pilates for the first time all summer yesterday and I can barely walk today. Lauren will be very excited for you!

    1. I eased into it today pretty slow! It was a little different... a lot more focus on breathing properly. I was not very good at that!!