Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our next adventure... London!

After an unbelievably amazing honeymoon, we are onto our next adventure.  As most of you know, T is in his fourth year of medical school.  It has been a long road to get where he is, but he has made it! During your third year, you have to partake in certain clinical rotations to help you determine what you think you may want to do for residency.  During your fourth year, you get to choose which electives you want to do.  One of the clinical rotations that he has to do is Pediatrics.  Since he went to St. Matthew's Medical School in the Cayman Islands, he was given the opportunity to do Pediatrics in London.  The moment I heard that it may be possible, I definitely gave a little extra push for him to do this! I am a teacher, so I have the summers off anyways.  I mean, where would I rather be? In Florida roaming around my house? Or, in London, roaming around to new places and learning new things... and also getting to travel to different places on the weekends! Well... obviously, we choose London! The date of the rotation could not have been more perfect! We got married, went on our honeymoon, and immediately moved to London!

We left Positano early on Friday morning to catch our flight to London from Naples.  We got into London around 4:00 and had to find our way on the underground (tube) and get to the reality company who had our keys.  We probably went a little out of our way, but we eventually found the reality company, got our keys, and were on our way to our new home for 6 weeks!

We are living in Chelsea, London.  I wanted to live in a place that I would feel comfortable walking around and being by myself during the day.  It is a little further for T to get to the hospital, but he is making a sacrifice, and it hasn't been too bad.  There are many stores and restaurants around us.  We are within walking distance to Kensington Palace, Harrods, Sloane Square, and many other touristy attractions.  We are down the street from the tube station, which connects us to everything else!

At first, we were a little surprised to see our flat.  We had seen pictures online, and honestly pictured it a little differently.  It is definitely smaller than we thought, however, after living here a few short days, we have realized that it has everything that we really need.  It is just the two of us anyways! To our friends that are coming to visit: it may be a tight squeeze, but we will most definitely have a little slumber party! :)

The first night, we found a little Pub around the corner from our flat.  They actually had really good prices and good food! The Euro cup is going on right now, so the place was packed with people watching England play another team that I can't remember! It was a fun atmosphere and a great way to start our long visit in London!

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  1. We don't mind tight squeezes and slumber parties!! We can't wait to see you very very SOON!