Monday, June 18, 2012

A picture recap of our day of relaxation in Positano!

As stated in a previous post, we were very excited to have this day to relax by the pool, walk around the area, and slowly explore the little town of Positano.  We do not have a ton of pictures by the pool/beach, but here are a few from our day and our walk around the curvy streets of the Amalfi Coast!

We found a deli that had great (and cheap) paninis for lunch.

 Turkey, mozzarella, basil, and tomato... a definite when I get home!

 The walk that we had to make every day to get to the beach...

 One day, my calves were SO sore from walking down these stairs... but completely worth it because of the view!

A look to the right from our balcony

 A look to the left from our balcony

 The start of our walk around the curvy roads... I must admit, it was a little scary when we walked around the corners without any sidewalks.... T saved my life a few times!

 Every way that we turned, we discovered HUGE mountains, we did not expect Positano to be so grand!

 The Mediterranean Sea

 Another mountainous view

 A nice Australian couple took our picture for us!

 The pictures just don't do this area justice!

Looking back at Positano from our 4 km journey! Now, we have to walk back!

Up next... Date Night 2 in Positano!

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