Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 2 in Rome... a picture recap!

Although it was a little rainy outside, it did not stop us from touring the Eternal City! Here are some pictures from our last day in Rome!
First stop... Piazza Navona...

 In front of the Piazza, in the rain...
 A view of Piazza Navona
 T in front of the fountain of the 'Four Rivers' with Egyptian writing...
 Finally, a picture together!

Next stop... Campo dei Fiori... my love for fresh markets!
 They had our wedding flowers here!

 Loving all of the fresh foods!

 Look at those fresh tomatoes!

Yumm... zucchini and zucchini blossoms!

Next stop..... the Vatican

 The long walk to the Vatican... look out for the pick-pockets along this route!

 Trying to find our entrance for our pre-purchased tickets!

 T inside the Vatican

 One of the many halls that we ventured down! The ceiling is actually 2D paint, however, it definitely looks like 3D formations!

 T and I in front of the Vatican... right after I was denied entry into St. Peter's Church... It was alright though because I had already seen it! I was glad T got to go in!

Up next... our 2nd date night in Rome!


  1. So I'm guessing no shorts this day...was Tom allowed to wear shorts and go in?

    1. Yea.... no shorts! At least for you! Tom got by with shorts, although I think that he snuck by in a large group of people because they denied a few other guys with shorts when I was standing outside waiting for him! If he has a longer pair of shorts, that would probably be good! You could wear a long dress that day with a cardigan or something because you have to cover your shoulders! :)