Monday, June 18, 2012

Ristorante Bruno... Date Night 1 in Positano

We ate at Ristorante Bruno the first night, and the last night we were there!  It quickly became one of our favorite spots! The dishes were SO fresh and different! The view from the Ristorante was also amazing, overlooking the night skyline of Positano.  If you are traveling to Positano, we would definitely recommend this place! It is also pretty inexpensive! (Which is always a plus!)

 Appetizer: Delicious mozzarella (mozzarella is from this area, so we tried to eat it every chance that we got!), tomatoes, and basil (They use cherry tomatoes around here, that was surprising to us! But, they were delicious!)

We shared two plates! This one was a pasta with eggplant, mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, and zucchini.... it was delicious as well!  (I need to think of another word for delicious, because everything that we ate on this trip falls into that category!)

 Our other dish: White fish, potatoes, sun dried and cherry tomatoes, in a tomato broth.  (When looking at this we were hesitant, but it turned out to be the best meal of the trip! I am definitely going to try to make this one day! Such an odd combination that I would have never thought about, but amazing!)
 A dark picture of the Ristorante Bruno

 Drinking our lovely, local white wine

 Overlooking the night skyline of Positano

Back at the hotel.... overlooking our infinity pool that changed colors at night!

Up next.... Pictures of Day 1 in Positano... our day of Relaxation!

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