Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Walking back in time

After our Roma extravaganza, we first headed to the town of Naples on the train. It was T's first train experience. I have had some terrible train experiences in the past, however his first train ride was just fine! Partially because he was with me.. The experienced train traveler (haha). We arrived at the train station relatively early. You never know when things can go wrong in a foreign city, so I wanted to make sure that we were prepared. I was so happy that I purchased our tickets on raileurope.com. It made it so easy to find our way! The minute we got there. We located our train number, location, and we were on our way to the 'binarrio' that it was in. We found cozalla 7 and relaxed for 1 1/2 hours until we reached Napoli Centrale.

Waiting for us was our driver, Antonio. He led us out of the busy train station and into his nice car with red leather interior. Just a short ride away, we arrived in the destroyed city of Pompei. We had about 2 hours to stroll around, so instead of taking a tour guide, we opted to take the audio guide instead. We actually learned a lot of interesting things! Hercules was actually said to have founded Pompei. There are Greek god and goddess statues all over the city. The ancient baths were very interesting and they were just like our locker rooms that we use today, one side for females and one for males. I always think that it is so cool to hear that we still do some of the same things that they used to do a long time ago.

We didn't have enough time to tour all of Pompei, which was completely ok with us, considering that everything starts to look the same after a while! We hopped back into our suave car
and awaited the arrival of the infamous Amalfi coast line!

It was nice to sit in the car for an hour and not have to think about where we were walking to next. Our only obstacle was to look out the window and await the magnificent view!

The moment we saw it, we knew that we picked the right spot for our honeymoon! Absolutely beautiful!!

The twists and turns were definitely a little scary at first. Those Italians whip around the corners in and out of traffic, without even a slight sense of hesitation. But after overcoming that small fear, we say back, relaxed, and enjoyed the magnificent view! Pictures and words cannot describe this place. We keep taking photos to show everyone, but when we look at them, they just do not give this place justice! I had a picture in my mind as to what Positano would like, and it has definitely exceeded my expectations! We are truly impressed!

Upon arriving to our hotel, Hotel Marincanto, we put our luggage away, put on our bathing suits, and headed straight to the pool for some beer, wine, and a dip into the infinity pool overlooking the beautiful coastline.

That evening, we ate at Ristorante Bruno.... Absolutely delicious, just like everything else we have had in Italy. This was a suggestion from our driver, Antonio, and he was dead on point. The Ristorante overlooked the town of Positano, we ate fish with tomatoes and potatoes, pasta with eggplant, mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil, and drank a nice bottle of white wine, straight from Amalfi.

We knew we would like it here and were very excited for our much needed relaxation day tomorrow!

We have lots of pictures to post once we get to London!!

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