Monday, June 11, 2012

Do as the Romans do...

We continue our second day of our Honeymoon in Roma, the Eternal City.  We awoke to some overhead clouds, but that did not discourage us from entering the city.  Previously visiting Rome, I have seen most all of the typical touristy Roman sites, however, there is something that I had not yet seen... Campo di Fiori.  Yes, a famous Roman Market.  My favorite thing in Europe is all of the markets, and this one was not something that I was going to miss again! With rain gear on, we headed to Piazza Navona (another famous square), and into Campo di Fiori.  Smaller than I have seen before, yet markets always put a smile on my face! As I am still unable to provide pictures, another post is indeed in the future!

We saw beautiful fresh flowers...they had blush peonies! Our wedding flowers! They had rows and rows of fresh vegetables, and T even got his fresh prosciutto and Parmesan panini.  Another perfect start to our day!

Next, we headed to the ever famous Vatican City.  Luckily, our wonderful concierge instructed us to get our tickets ahead of time, so we did not have to stand in the rumored 2 hour line.  It was very easy to walk to, bustling through all of the people who try to get the tourists to buy cheesy items.  I honestly cannot believe that people actually buy the things from them.  A definite tourist trap, and an area in which you make sure to hold your purse close by.  We were very surprised how many of these people were by the Vatican, much more than the Colosseum.  In our opinion, the Colosseum is WAY cooler, but I guess everyone else wants to see the Vatican. 

Anyway... we toured the Vatican museum, saw the Sistine Chapel, tried to get into St. Peter's Basilica... I was denied because of my shorts, but I urged T to see it because I already had.  Then, due to starvation, we were victims of a tourist trap and paid 13 euros for 'microwave' pizza, and another 13 euros for gelatto that was clearly not worth that price.  For those of you that know T, you may know that he HATES carnivals, well, he felt this way, and immediately wanted to leave.  Lets just say, we will probably never be going back to the Vatican!

After our long day, we arrived back at the hotel, took a quick nap, and had our hotel offer another suggestion for our meal for the evening.  It was another great suggestion! A place called Lagana, close to our hotel as well! It was on a pedestrian only street, however, we were inches from many cars that decided they wanted to risk driving down this street as well.  We had an amazing meal and bottle of wine, and as I always do, I took pictures of our delicious food that I will be posting when I can put pictures on here!  After our meal, we headed to the Pantheon for our last night in Rome.  We found a little cafe, ordered a bottle of wine, some Tiramisu, and enjoyed the fabulous view of the Piazza.  Another perfect day and evening!

Tomorrow... we travel to Naples, then Pompeii, and then Positano... I am writing from Positano as I am posting this post, and let me just say.... this is one place that everyone should go to at one point in their lives!

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