Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 1 in Rome... a picture recap!

Well, we are finally settled into our apartment in London.  We have found a charger to charge our computers, and now, I can finally share our wonderful pictures from Rome! Side note: There will probably be 4 posts about Rome in pictures... did I mention that we took A LOT of pictures!! :)

Here is a picture recap of our first day in Italy!

First stop on our jet-lagged path... the Pantheon.

 The most preserved ancient Roman building in Rome.

Inside the Pantheon

Outside the Pantheon

Next stop... Piazza Venezia...on our way to the Colosseum and ancient Roman forum...

Piazza Venezia

Overlooking Rome on the backside of Piazza Venezia

Next stop... Ancient Roman Forum...

T and I are calling this adventure... A's adventure in Europe.... T loved to snap shots of me, forgetting to include himself.  I had to take over the camera at times so that he could be in pictures as well, or we have plenty of shots taken as T sticks out his arm to capture a shot.  Believe it or not, it is very difficult to get pictures of the both of us, we feel silly asking others all of the time!

 The ever famous 'stick out the arm' shot
Overlooking the Ancient roman ruins

In front of the Ancient 'Arch of Constantine'

The Colosseum!!

Outside the Colosseum

 Inside the Colosseum

A wonderful day touring the Colosseum

Hotel Adriano... the most perfect location in all of Rome!

Our hard, yet comfortable, European bed

 Our beautiful terrace overlooking the streets of Rome

 Taking a quick break (and outfit change) on the terrace

 Famous Gelato place in Rome... just around the corner from our hotel... 'Gelaterie'... If you are ever in Rome, it is a must!!! There are probably over 50 different flavors of Gelato!

 For me: Lampone y Melone (Raspberry and Melon) and their famous Panna... or whipped cream
For T: Melone y Coco (Melon and White Chocolate... thinking is was coconut) and Panna

Next stop... The Spanish Steps
T drinking from the fountain in the Piazza of the Spanish Steps, just doing as the Romans do... no big deal!

 Me on one side of the Spanish Steps
T and all of his friends on the other side of the Spanish Steps

Up next... a recap in pictures of our first date night... Stay tuned my fabulous followers!

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  1. Love the pictures! It looks like you had so much fun.