Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A day of relaxation!!

Finally! We have a day to just sit back, relax, and enjoy our view. Our legs are sore, our bodies are exhausted, our minds are filled with tons of historical information, and we are very excited to walk on the beach, lay by the pool, drink a few drinks, and RELAX! And that is just what we did!

We woke up to the sound of the ocean. It was hard to get out of bed, but we stumbled into our clothes, and climbed the many many stairs to our breakfast provided by the hotel. A typical Italian breakfast consists of many different cheeses, all types of hams, pastries, fruit, yogurt, and hard boiled eggs. We picked what we wanted, had ourselves a nice cappuccino, and enjoyed our breakfast on the lemon terrace overlooking the sea.

Next, we decided to take a stroll through the town. It is a short walk from our hotel. Again, tripadvisor.com
did not fail us, and we are staying in the most perfect location. However, in order to have the perfect view, be close to town, and have a beach that is easily accessible, there are many many stairs to climb. I didn't know that I should have been climbing the stair stepper religiously in order to get ready for this trip!! So.... Like I was saying, we strolled through town for quite a while, heading in and out of all the boutiques, shoe stores, and linen stores. We decided to get a panini for lunch and bring it back to our hotel to eat on our amazing balcony.

After that, we swam, laid on the terrace overlooking the sea, read books, listened to iPods, and just relaxed. T did get his Mediterranean Sea fix in there somewhere, and I bravely put my feet in the water and watched him as he swam.

Before settling down for dinner, we decided to take a small stroll down the road towards the small town of Priano. The pictures that we took on this journey were amazing and I will definitely be posting those later as well!! Each corner we turned, we discovered another amazing piece of God's creation. Waterfalls, cliffs, small beach towns, again the pictures do not show the real beauty that we saw!

That evening, we went to another Ristorante suggested by our driver La Cambusa. It was one story up from the water on a beautifully lit terrace. We had fresh fish and pasta, roasted artichokes, bruschetta, and fresh fish filleted and all. Delicioso again!! And boy were we stuffed!

We left the restaurant and decided to check out the local discotheque, Music on the Rocks. It is a club that is carved into the side of a huge boulder. Very cool!! We arrived at 11:30, and it is sad to say that we were very early. We were the 2nd couple there! However, we decided to get a few drinks and enjoy the atmosphere! When we were done, we asked when would be a good time to come back.... The party doesn't start until 1:30? Hmm... Looks like we won't be able to make it and will probably be in bed! Maybe on a night that we don't have to get up so early!

We have 3 nights left and I am already sad that we even have to leave! Tomorrow, we have decided to get up early and go to the island of Capri on a boat tour! Another adventure lies ahead!

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  1. Sounds like you two are having so much fun! Can't wait to see the pictures!
    Love you!