Monday, June 18, 2012

La Cambusa... Date Night 2 in Positano!

On the way from Pompei to Positano, our driver gave us a great list of places to eat! He was from the Amalfi Coast, therefore, we figured that he would know the good places to go! After eating at one of his suggestions, Ristorante Bruno, we decided to try another one of his suggestions, La Cambusa.  This time, the restaurant was at the bottom of the mountain, right overlooking the Sea.  It was a little more expensive than Ristorante Bruno, and we felt that Bruno had better food, nonetheless, the food at La Cambusa was also quite delicious! Here are a few pictures from our second lovely date night in Positano!

 All dressed and ready to eat another Italian meal! (By this point, I probably have gained 100 lbs!)
This is another terrace at our hotel, we ate breakfast here every morning!

 This is inside our hotel before our date!

 At La Cambusa.... this was the view while there was still a little day light out.

 A complimentary starter... bruschetta.. delicious!

 Starter: Stuffed Artichokes... good, but not as good as the fried artichokes we had in Rome!

 Once again, we shared two dishes! Instead of ordering two dishes a piece, we each ordered something and shared.  It was still a lot of food, but it was nice to try different things! 
This is pasta with monkfish, cherry tomatoes, basil, and a light tomato broth.

 For the second course, we decided to get a whole fish.  Luckily, they were able to filet the fish for us. It was dusted with a nice white wine lemon sauce and served with potatoes. The fish was one of the best pieces of fish that I have ever had... though I am not quite sure what it was called!

 A night view from our seat at La Cambusa

Bad picture.... Good times at La Cambusa!

Up next...I have already posted about our day in Capri... so the next post will be about one of the best presents ever... our cooking class!

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