Thursday, June 7, 2012

We are ready to go!

What would you do it you found out that your honeymoon was going to be extended by 6 weeks? Start packing right away? Yes, well, that's what I did. I have been packed for our European vacation for months now, and it is finally here! As we sit here in our hotel room near the Orlando airport, I can't help but reflect on the whirlwind that we have had over the past few months.

A few months ago, we were so fortunate to find out that T could do one of his medical school rotations in London.  As an eager traveler, I must admit that I gave him the extra push that he needed to except this Pediatric rotation that would consume most of our summer.  When would we ever have an opportunity to live in London for the summer, especially during the Olympics? We had to take the jump! It did not take much thought before we accepted this special opportunity.  We decided that we would take a regular honeymoon, and then extend our vacation to living in London and traveling throughout Europe on the weekends. (Hopefully...)

This spring brought many stressful times.....Planning a wedding, planning a honeymoon, finding a place to live in London, renting out our U.S apartment and getting it ready for someone to live in, ending my second year of teaching first grade, getting my classroom ready for next year, packing for 2 months in 2 bags... did I mention, getting married??!!...... let's just say, we had a lot on our plate! However, we managed to get everything done, have an amazing wedding, and now, I sit here writing this post, extremely excited for our flight to Rome tomorrow.  For some reason, everything has fallen into place.  We feel so very blessed!

We will spend two days galavanting through Roman ruins before we continue our honeymoon in the beautiful Amalfi Coast in the town of Positano.

Packing for two months.... 1 carry-on and 1 large back pack... I think I can...

Hopefully I have enough to get me through the summer!

The first meal of our honeymoon at Bonefish Grill! Yum!

Baja Fish Tacos 

Ahi Tuna 

A perfect rainbow for the start of our honeymoon! Hopefully we can fly out tomorrow! we come!

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