Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Journey Across the Pond!

Having to spend 2 hours to New York, then 8 1/2 hours to Rome on the plane... this made for a very long journey 'across the pond' as many like to say.  This is my 4th time to Europe, and I must say, that it will never get easy when making that long flight.  I cannot imagine taking a 24 hour flight to Australia....although, I do hope to try it one day! Our flight was very uneventful, which is how it should be! Luckily, we had economy class exit row seats, so we had a little extra room for our very long legs.  I don't think that T would have made it in the coach seats! A few glasses of wine, a little bit of a sleeping aid, tossing and turning to the few positions that we could, and a little bit of airplane pasta.... we finally made it to Rome and our adventure is just beginning! Here are a few pictures from from our plane ride!

Temprapeudic pillow, headphones, and fleece.... ready for the ride!
 Our delicious delta wine in our fancy plastic glasses...

 Entertaining ourselves...

Italian pasta... courtesy of delta... interesting needless to say

Our amazing hotel had an Italian driver waiting for us when we hopped off the airplane! We took the 40 minute ride into Rome, hoping to stay wide awake.  T did great and states that 'he doesn't really require sleep anyways,' well... I do, but I was a trooper and went all day! I will post about Rome as soon as I can! :)

Arrivederci for now!

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