Monday, June 18, 2012

Date night 2 in Rome!

We put our faith in the hands of our concierge for another Ristorante recommendation! It was on a cute pedestrian only street... however, the cars had another plan in mind.  We were eating inches away from daring cars that thought it was a good idea to venture onto this street!

 Terrible picture... but this was the outside of the Ristorante... Lagana
 My dish: Pasta with mushrooms...yum!
 T's dish: Pasta with seafood... another YUM!

We then decided to venture to the Pantheon for a night of dessert, and of course... more wine!
 Sitting at our table overlooking the Pantheon, we came to love the Roman sights at night! So romantic!

 I always wanted to get a picture of us clinging out glasses together, but individual pics will have to do!

Not the best picture either, but at least its both of us together!!

Up next... Pictures of Pompei!

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